It is up to you to fix what you want to do and with whom you want to do it. Different people are drawn to various resorts, so choose deliberately if you want the greatest fit.

Placement, Placement, Placement

If you want to party all night in Mexico, Cancun or Playa Del Carmen are the places to go. If you prefer a more tranquil vacation, head south down the Mayan Riviera and away from the larger settlements. Even on Caribbean islands, the closer you get to the city, the more nightlife you’ll find. Because most of your evening entertainment is provided by the resort further out in the country, your options are more limited. If you don’t want to hear partygoers hooting and screaming till the early morning hours, you might pick a resort further out where people aren’t returning from town at 4 a.m.

Everything revolves around money.

It is a simple fact that older individuals have more money than younger people. Although this is not always the case, pricier resorts attract an older audience. When we’ve been in a less-expensive hotel, the overall audience appears to be significantly younger. That isn’t to say that older people don’t party, but if your notion of a perfect vacation is rest and leisure, you might want to get out of the city and stay somewhere nicer. Out-of-the-way places draw a more adventurous audience who are out on adventures during the day and resting up at night.

Whether inclusive or not

All-inclusive resorts provide a lot of value for your money. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you like to eat and drink a lot than a pair who only eats fruit for breakfast and never drinks alcohol. Drinks are included in the main fee, making this a party hotspot. Because they have already paid for all of their meals and drinks, those who stay at all-inclusive resorts tend to spend more time at the resort. Tourists who pay for their meals separately tend to go out more, making the resort less busy while they’re gone and more pleasant for those who stay.

It’s All About the Size

Large resorts attract large crowds. Based on the season, the dining rooms will be busy, the pools will be overflowing, and locating a beach chair, let alone one with an umbrella, will be difficult. People at large resorts frequently engage in the beach chair game, which entails getting up early (say, 6 or 7 a.m.) and laying towels and beach gear on chairs, leaving them unattended for hours to secure a space. This is irritating and impolite, and it’s typically against the resort’s guidelines, but it’s done all over the place. For the smaller numbers of guests, smaller resorts usually provide great seats and even umbrellas. If you want to party with a big crowd, go big; look at a smaller resort if you prefer peace.

Only for adults

This is a very popular trend in the resort industry, particularly in the Caribbean. Adult-only resorts are currently being offered by major hotel brands such as RUI, Sandals, and Barcel√≥. Because you must be 21 or older to drink at the pool bar, you won’t have to worry about kids splashing water into your Pina-Colada. Adults may be doing it instead, so you attempt to choose the best location.

This one is aimed at children.

Many resorts, including most all-inclusive resorts, let youngsters stay and eat for free on occasion and provide a plethora of free activities for both young and old. Most offer free Hobe-cat sailing, Kayaks, possibly surfboards, and a variety of other non-motorized activities. You won’t even have to pay to ride a boat to a snorkelling area if you choose one with a coral reef. The larger resorts offer Kid-Clubs, which are essentially free babysitters. At the same time, you relax on the beach and do various other activities to keep the kids occupied while you rest.