Sales and Marketing

Attracting modern-day travellers who have instant access to authoritative knowledge is a difficult challenge. A cutting-edge sales plan and marketing campaign entails more than meets the eye. All efforts to increase business should be motivated by a desire to prove that you care for your customers. I’d like to share a few basic, but creative (proven) ideas for sprucing up your sales and marketing strategies and attracting attention to your land.

Website: Have More Than They Are Looking For

The aim of your website is to help tourists understand what you have to offer and to make it as simple as possible for them to book the house. Visitors, on the other hand, do a lot more than just stay at your place, right?

So, what do they do for a living? Build a small chat window/web type as part of your website user interface to understand the reason for travel and offer minimalistic to-do lists and holiday calendars. These small gestures may not produce additional sales, but they do demonstrate that you care. Click here for more infomation.

More than Five Times a Day on Social Media

We all use social media, and the majority of us use two or three. If you’re a frequent Facebook user, you probably search your favourite people and brands before exiting the app. You search Instagram at a later time in the day. Wouldn’t it be a bad experience if the same brands and companies you follow on Facebook also posted on Instagram? You must not do this with your own property content as a hotelier. Each social media platform has its own set of users. Here are some simple suggestions you can put into action right now at no additional cost:

  • You don’t have to be active on every social media platform.
    Create unique Instagram and Snapchat visual content.
    Create detailed Facebook content.
    Make use of Twitter as a tool for engagement (airlines use Twitter to announce flight delays)
    Share property photos and polls on Facebook and Twitter, and ask people to vote for their favourite.
    Listing on Metasearch Engines and Distribution Channels

Where do you start when there are so many OTAs? The best option is to select all of them. However, as time goes on, check to see which channels are bringing you the most business and eliminate the rest. Keep in mind that you’re catering to a diverse demographic. The attractive package, seasonal deals displayed on OTAs, and more than just the price, can drive a higher occupancy rate. As a hotelier, it’s critical to know what your guests want and to provide it across all online distribution channels. As a result, marketing to the right segment is critical for maximising ROI. Metasearch platforms like TripAdvisor and Google Hotel Finder have recently gained traction as customers see them as a convenient way to compare current rates. It will assist you in improving your rankings on these websites and generating more revenue.

Benefits of Membership

If you want to create a loyal audience, membership programmes are a must. Most loyalty programmes provide additional benefits or discounts on future stays. You can also reward guests for following your brand on popular social media channels, in addition to the traditional activities and incentives earned through loyalty points (ask them to upload video reviews, testimonials and suggestions – which can be rewarded as well).

Events – Cross Promotion

Keep an eye out for popular entertainment and business events in your city/region and put together exciting tie-in packages. Hotels have run campaigns to attract specific clientele by creating a theme (based on a popular movie or book character and offering special amenities to match the theme)

This is one of the most important factors that can help you not only plan your campaigns, but also set the right prices to draw more customers. Sign up for their email newsletters to stay up to date with all of their marketing strategies. f=To get information about food click here.

Surprise Your Guests at the End of the Day

Offering all facilities as promised will not suffice if you want to deliver a WOW experience. Delivering something unexpected to your guests is an unusual way to surprise them. Leaving short notes about relationships and love for honeymooners, observing little quirks about your guests, and surprising them with inexpensive gifts (especially when they dine at your restaurant or check-out) will help your guests remember their stay at your house. This could become your social currency, resulting in increased business. These small gestures go a long way toward demonstrating your concern. There are no discounts or free breakfast vouchers that can compare to your ability to look after your visitors.