Tips for a Fun-Filled and Mishap-Free Family Beach Vacation

What’s not to love about beach vacation with the family? The sand, the sun, and the sea are all there! However, there are sunburns, rainy days, and terrifying ocean waves. Here are six terrific family beach vacation suggestions to help you have the most enjoyable and worry-free trip possible.

1. Be cautious of large waves.

Before deciding on a beach vacation spot, think about the size of the waves. No matter your age, a powerful undertow or huge waves can be frightening. Due to severe surf on many of their beaches, certain spots, such as Cabo San Lucas, even prohibit entering the sea, so make sure you choose a resort that allows water play. The big waves of Oahu’s North Shore, California’s Huntington Beach, and Costa Rica’s Playa Grande will appeal to surfing families. If you’re travelling with small children, though, pick a beach with gentle waves. Mellow waves and shallow water are typical of bay or cove beaches, making them ideal for children.

2. Decide on the ideal beach for your family.

Consider which type of beach surface will be most suitable for your family. Beaches with shells and sea glass can be fun for collectors, but they might not be the ideal choice for families who want to spend their time swimming and playing in the sand. Pebble beaches, such as those found in the Mediterranean, can be gorgeous, but delicate feet will need water shoes and inflated toys to keep them safe. The same can be said for boulder or rocky beaches, where tidal pools are generally prioritised over water play. Then there are sandy beaches, which are fantastic for splashing, swimming, sports, and sand play but may necessitate additional travel depending on where you reside.

There are thousands of beaches worldwide, so the possibilities seem limitless. It’s up to you to determine which location best suits your family’s demands and budget.

3. Bring the appropriate beach toys.

During our vacations, I used to buy intricate beach toys so that my kids could scoop, filter, and create with sand. Then I’d never be able to fit those brightly coloured plastic trinkets into my suitcase for the return journey, and I’d have to leave them behind at our destination, which would be bad for my wallet and the environment. I eventually realised that kids don’t need a bunch of frills to have a good time in the sand. Instead, I bring a little beach playset for each child. They don’t take up large space in our luggage and can also be used as travel bath toys. Inflatable toys are also simple to pack, such as a beach ball and an afloat ring.

4. Use sunscreen both before and after going to the beach.

You’ve got towels, toys, sun hats, food, and sunscreen in your beach bag. But, prior you leave the house, make sure the kids (and you!) are protected from the sun. When you arrive at the beach, your children will be eager to go in the water, making it tough to keep them covered. Alternatively, you may overlook this crucial step. Sun protection should be applied before going outside to avoid getting sunburned. Reapply randomly throughout the day, especially after swimming in a pool or the ocean.

5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other hydrating liquids.

When visiting warm climates and indulging in sports such as swimming, surfing, or beach volleyball, staying hydrated is vital—stock up on electrolyte-infused drinks, bottled waters, and coconut water. Bring them along on your beach trip, and make sure they stop to recharge at regular intervals.

Pina Coladas and beach beers are seductive for mom and dad, but they are also dehydrating. If you want to have an adult beverage by the sea, drink plenty of water afterwards, and you should certainly cut down on your alcohol consumption.

6. Find ways to have fun away from the beach.

Even if the weather at your beach holiday spot is often bright and warm, bad weather might occur at any time. If rain is likely, check the weather prediction a week before your travel and pack appropriately. Even if the weather prediction predicts sunny skies, I recommend bringing along a few kid-friendly travel games to keep the whole family entertained in case of unexpected severe weather.

It would support if you also looked into different activities in your location before leaving home if you get a sunburn, become bored on the beach, or have terrible weather. If the weather gods do not smile on your vacation, knowing where to go to play indoors will come in helpful. As possibilities, look at surrounding museums, aquariums, shopping malls, movie theatres, and bowling alleys.

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